Subject Re: [IBDI] [Fwd: [Fwd: Unable to deliver your message]]
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:45 PM 25-10-02 -0400, Robert Tulloch wrote:

>Helen, would you please stop blocking this stuff. This is very petty.
>We are unable to deliver the message from <tultalk@...>
>to <>.
>Your email account has been bouncing mails. This means that emails
>sent to your account over several days have been returned to us.
>This is sometimes because mail boxes are filled up, or because of
>configuration problems. To reset your Yahoo! Groups account, please go
>For further assistance, please email
>or visit

Please refrain from using our lists to punish other subscribers for
deficiencies in your ISP's mail service. If you persist, you will be
dropped and banned from the list in question, as occurred recently in
response to your use of offensive language in a message posted to
ib-support after a malfunction in your ISP's mail server.

Try READING the messages which the yahoogroups server sends to
you. Sometimes you can solve your problems by following the instructions.

(Mail admin)