Subject RE: [IBDI] Ambiguous SQL :: Your Views Please
Author Christian G├╝tter
Please change it now!

An error is an error and should
not be tolerated.



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> Subject: [IBDI] Ambiguous SQL :: Your Views Please
> Hi all Firebird users or intending users
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> HI DIANE <---- we could use your opinion here too!
> An old bug in IB has been tidied up. Here is an example
> (thanks, Hans Hoogstraat):
> select a.compname from company a , employee b
> where a.compname = b.compname
> and b.empno = :empno
> order by compname
> The ambiguity here is that the statement does not identify
> which table's compname to order by and the results are
> somewhat unpredictable - contradictory, even, if you compare
> database versions.
> In Firebird, Claudio has tidied up the dyn code so that an
> ambiguity such as this will be detected. Currently, it
> simply causes a silent warning. The plan is to make it throw
> an error in Rls 2.
> However, there are voices in devel who would like to make
> even Rls 1 throw an error, rather than a warning which is not
> detectable.
> The effect of the change - when it happens - will be to cause
> exceptions in your applications where you are using such
> ambiguous statements.
> What we'd like discussed is whether you want to keep things
> the way they are for Rls 1, knowing that the axe will fall in
> Rls 2; or whether your preference is to bite bullet and have
> it activated now.
> Thanks all,
> Helen