Subject Re: [IBDI] Special kind of triggers?
Author Lester Caine
> <grin>
> this is no excuse at all
> </grin>
> I'm running dual-monitors with Win2K just fine with a matrox dual-head
> card.....

We can't afford to switch 200 machines to W2k.

Each machine is running between 4 and 9 PCI graphics cards and while they
will run W2k, the processors are only K6-2-233 and W2k runs pig slow so we
would also have to replace all the hardware as well.

Win98 works fine provided that you cater for the fact that it is flaky on
network work. Some 50 sites are still running between 1 and 4 old 4 channel
graphics cards and Windows 3.1 and some have run non-stop for 10 years, we
can't move them to W2k because a 16 channel system just can't be built at an
economic price today, and the old cards would only run in a 286 machine.
Matrox have an offering, but 4off 4 channel machines is cheaper than one 16
channel matrox!

By the way, we still have problems with our W2k soak system, it has yet to
work for more than a week at a time without crashing, while the same software
on NT and Win98 has now run for 6 months out on site.

Linux is where I want to be, but customers keep adding sites now and we don't
have time to work on another version of the software.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services