Subject Re: [IBDI] Special kind of triggers?
Author Lester Caine
> In the most cases the clients receive events in
> milliseconds, but a couple of concrete events had been received still in
> milliseconds by all NT clients and in *tens of seconds* by all Win98
> clients. I remember also an information about a situation, when event has
> been never received by the client communicating with the server across the
> Internet. I haven't investigate the source code to localize this problem,
> but it should be done sometime.

You need to look at the source code for Win98. It is not a multi-tasking
operating system. It can't even keep the time right under some conditions. If
you want TCP/IP to work properly then all Win98 clients have to go.

An effect I have just confirmed is the effect of running Local or TCP/IP access
to a copy of Interbase running on Win98 ( it keeps a local copy of information
for when BT can't provide Frame Relay ). Local access always runs fast, but is
not thread safe, TCP/IP is about 5 times slower, but never fails.

I method I use to keep the outstations alive ( all Win98 machines because I need
multi-screen ) is to run my own multicast messages, but I see the same periodic
delays when Win98 is 'throwing a strop'. This is not a problem that changes to
Interbase will have any effect on! That includes the message not getting through
- which never happens to an NT client ( unproven, but reportedly the situation

Offcause we are going to change all Win98 to W2k - arn't we <g> - I haven't even
got that stable enough to distribute yet, and it's obsolite!

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services