Subject RE: [IBDI] IBPhoenix Firebird CD
Author Dmitry Yemanov
Hi Robert,

> Is the driver in binary form and works? I have tried to
> build from the source and
> can't get it working at all.

I have done it a month ago (when the source code become available) and it
works. Maybe not very good and with not every software product, but it
generally does.

> I tested it many months ago with Crystal Reports and it
> would not work. I believe I
> sent the trace stuff back to you and never heard another word.

So did I. The version I built many months ago didn't work with Crystal at
all. But my latest build does work, but a bit unpredictable. Some databases
are queried fine from Crystal 8.0 and some failed to be queried. I haven't
digged in the sources for the reason, so this use of the driver seems to be
quite unreliable at the moment.

And a couple of extra comments on the driver to consider it a complete
product (I don't know whether some piece of work regarding these features is
done in the latest checkins):

1. AFAIK, it uses the database dialect for the client connection and there's
no way to connect, for example, with dialect 3 to a dialect 1 database.
2. It does not support character sets as a property of a connection. In my
case I had to hardcode WIN1251 in the sources to test the driver.