Subject Re: [IBDI] IBPhoenix Firebird CD
Author Paul Beach
> So in buying the cd, is that a contribution to the fund drive for the
ODBC driver?

It would be a contribution to the open source fund, the ODBC stuff, is part
of it, but will soon become a was.

> Is the driver in binary form and works? I have tried to build from the
source and
> can't get it working at all.

Yup, with the source code and with the Open Source License. We will follow
this up with the open sourcing of the driver on Firebird

> I tested it many months ago with Crystal Reports and it would not work. I
believe I
> sent the trace stuff back to you and never heard another word.

I know, we did look into this, but it was beyond the scope of what we
originally intended the driver to do, and would have been complicated and
difficult to implement. The Driver was designed and implemented using ODBC
3, but because of this it has problems with tools that implement older, but
still supported ODBC 1, and ODBC 2 functions. At that point we had a choice.
Admit that this driver wasn't likely to work with Crystal or Access for
example which is what we have done. Or re-code significant chunks of the
driver for ODBC 1 & 2 functions. We chose the former rather than the latter.

But it does work with tools that used ODBC 3. Best way to find out, was to
try it. If it didn't work for you - then use something else for the time

Hopefully with the imminent release of the code and the build instructions,
developers can help add those missing functions and move the code forward.

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