Subject Re: Special kind of triggers?
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
Hi, Dmitry.

--- In IBDI@y..., "Dmitry Yemanov" <dimitr_ex@y...> wrote:
> In the couple of my apps all changes (read: the txn log) are stored
> triggers within the same (operational) database and all entries of
this log
> are asynchronously tranferred to the another (archive) database/file
by a
> separate daemon. In one of them, AfterCommit event of TIBDatabase is
used to
> wake up the daemon via IPC or Winsock and activate the archival
process. In
> other app, the daemon periodically transfers the data every given
> of time. Both these tactics can be reimplemented to deal with
> files.

Thank you, I'll think about it.

> If, AFAIU, you want to have all this stuff working in the
> and don't touch the client/middleware code, then I cannot see a way
to go
> for you now. Maybe further, with "after commit" triggers or
> operations in procedures and triggers. Time will show...

Are there any serious plans on it in FB team?

Best regards.