Subject RE: [IBDI] RE: DIVERTED :: Why Red Hat didnt got IB instead of PostGreSQL ?
Author Gerhardus Geldenhuis
In my opionion after briefly looking at the results
the "MySQL AB" program gives,this is the feature comparison program" I have
formed the opinion that this program is biased to let mysql look good and
anything else bad. Most of it I dont understand in anycase but a lot of
these comparisons compare how much build in functions there is like sina
etc. IB/FB will not score good here. We also score fairly when ANSI SQL 92
is involved but not so good compared to all the additional functions and
datatypes that mysql adds that is not a fair comparison in my view.

Alter table add unique
Alter table drop primary key
Alter table drop unique

Things like this is also not supported. The usability/safeness of this can
also be argued. For the live of me I dont know how you would add a unique
field to a table with 10 000 records except if all fields are null.

There is some things that we still need to improve but generally I think the
comparison is biased and secondly I am not enough of an expert to realy say.


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> Subject: Re: [IBDI] RE: DIVERTED :: Why Red Hat didnt got IB instead of
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> At 08:41 PM 6/29/2001 +1000, Gerhardus Geldenhuis wrote:
> >But your reply raises a lot of things that still needs to be done by the
> >community. What can "new" developers like me do to help along
> some of these
> >issues.
> Something that would, in my opinion, be of value to the community is
> to take the "feature comparison" program that MySQL publishes and see
> why their results are look so bad for InterBase. The program is called
> "crash me". They've also got a performance test. According to their
> web site, you get the sources to those tests in their 3.23 kit.
> Regards,
> Ann
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