Subject Some news to think about...
Author Dmitry Yemanov
Hi all,

There is a quote out of one online IT magazine
( for those who
can read Russian ;-).

> One of the major Linux OS providers, Red Hat company, is going to present
> its own DBMS (which probably will be named Red Hat Database) in the
> beginning of the next week. The new product will be traditionally
> and it will certainly work on Linux. There is no information on what Red
> Database is based on, however it is possible to assume that the code of
> of three existent open-source database projects (MySQL, PostgreSQL or
> InterBase) has become a base. NuSphere, Abriasoft, IBPhoenix and Great
> Bridge companies already carry on their business on the basis of these

I have looked at the Red Hat site and found nothing about it. I have also
done a quick web search - result was the same. Any thoughts on what it could