Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: Some fuel into TOP fire :)
Author Ivan Prenosil
> From: Ann W. Harrison:
> That is a side effect of the way InterBase does remote
> access. On the server side, it retrieves rows until the data
> fills a network packet and sends the whole packet.

Either I do not know what network packet is, or there must be some additional
OS level caching, or both.
If my application prepares and executes select, and makes one fetch,
90K bytes is sent to client (uncompressed size of record is about 800 bytes).
Different select statement sends about 65K bytes at once
(approximately 100 bytes uncompressed per row).

(Windows NT, tcp/ip)

> On the client
> side, it unpacks the rows one at a time as the program requests
> them. The server may prefetch the next set of rows - I really
> don't remember. You got either 4680 rows in a packet or 2340
> in each of two packets.