Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: IBAccess for Linux
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:48 PM 11-06-01 +0000, you wrote:

>There is really a conflict here? If yes you can't use IBX with the
>free version of Kylix....

Unless they make two IBX forks.

>Or you can't develop GPL software linked to Interbase because it's
>IPL (MPL based)...
>I hope there is no conflict.

With MPL you have to publish the source of all modifications you do. With GPL you have to do that and **also** publish all of the source that touched the GPL code and *also* make your source code GPL. Borland has made it so that all code that is touched by the OE product (i.e. gets opened in the OE Kylix editor) becomes GPL licensed.

It's pretty certain there will be conflict, if Borland Legal stick with their intention. Dual licensing doesn't solve the problem either because it means you have to maintain two code trees, one containing all GPL code developed or touched by OE Kylix, including that which you infected by opening it in the editor; the other containing only MPL-able code which of course you can't mix with GPL code. So what happens when you want to inherit a class for your MPL project (or for a commercial project) from a class that is under GPL? It's incredible to impose forking on volunteers for *licensing reasons* !!

GPL is *really* unsuitable for the Delphi inheritance model! It is a real smack in the teeth for the people who have put so much voluntary time and effort into MPL open source Delphi and Kylix libraries. It will have the effect of cutting off a well-established community of Delphi/Kylix open source developers (JEDI, Delphree, Indy and several more).

-- Helen

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