Subject Re: IBAccess for Linux
> Yes, an open-source version Kylix will be made available.

Not true, the compiler and the ide will be free like beer (that is
No more source will be available, the GPL'ed (really opensource) part
is already published at sourceforge as freeclx.

> It is important to note that the license will specifically limit
its use
> to *GNU license* projects!
> This maybe a problem for IBAccess since it uses an MPL license.

Well, as far as I know reading at, MPL license is
incompatible with GPL in the way MPL allow linking of propietary
code. I'm not sure, but I think you can link MPL code to GPL if you
make all the linked code redistributable and available. The GPL
infects the MPL, but both licenses can comply the requisites. I will
ask if Mozilla is linked with any GPL code for example.

There is really a conflict here? If yes you can't use IBX with the
free version of Kylix....


Or you can't develop GPL software linked to Interbase because it's
IPL (MPL based)...


I hope there is no conflict.

Toni Martir