Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: IBAccess for Linux
Author John Culleton
toni_martir@... wrote:

> I think Kylix will not be opensource in a near future.
> There will be a free version I hope it will can compile IBAccess.
> About opensource.
> I think IBAccess will be full opensource in a near future:
> - It uses Borland FreeCLX that is opensource
> - It uses IBX that is open source
> - It uses Borland Delphi Object Pascal, there is a clone of
> this compiler full opensource, the last
> version only lack interfaces and variants (implemented in
> developement version).
>> If Kylix goes open source I
>> will consider it
> What happened if all the GNU people think like this in the past?
> A lot of GNU software has developed using comercial
> Operating System and/or compilers.
... and significant commercial enterprises are based on
open source software, including compilers and OS.
The interrelationships are complex.

We all work best with what we know. I happen to know
Interbase because it came with the multiple copies
of Delphi that I bought as a development tool for
the programming staff I was leading at the time. Since
we needed a more modern replacement for an antique
file manager my staff was using I bought
Interbase Server also.

But now I buy for my own account only. All my serious work
is Linux based. There are freeware RDBMS available for
Linux. The one I plan to use pending the avail-
ability of a free Kylix is the aforementioned MDBMS
(Marty's DBMS) which has a very easy interface to
HTML via a cgi-bin program. It is of course much
more limited than Interbase but it has better inherent
security as I mentioned in a previous post.

Software choice --- commercial or open source ---
involves cost-effectiveness, corporate policy and
prejudice and of course personal preference. I prefer
Interbase but I must have free. If I had to replace all
the free software I use regularly with commercial software
I would have to come up with perhaps $5,000 to $10,000 US. Not
a cost-effective proposition.

John Culleton