Subject Re: IBAccess for Linux
I think Kylix will not be opensource in a near future.
There will be a free version I hope it will can compile IBAccess.

About opensource.

I think IBAccess will be full opensource in a near future:

- It uses Borland FreeCLX that is opensource
- It uses IBX that is open source
- It uses Borland Delphi Object Pascal, there is a clone of
this compiler full opensource, the last
version only lack interfaces and variants (implemented in
developement version).

>If Kylix goes open source I
> will consider it

What happened if all the GNU people think like this in the past?

A lot of GNU software has developed using comercial
Operating System and/or compilers.

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> John Culleton wrote:
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> Problem #1: It requires Kylix. I am looking for an
> open source Delphi/Kylix replacement or equivalent.
> IBAccess isn't that. If Kylix goes open source I
> will consider it. Otherwise, its back to MDBMS.
> John C.