Subject Re: [IBDI] IBConsole and Classic vs SuperServer
Author Krzysztof Golko
> > IBConsole doesn't work with Classic, it' a
> definite
> > disadvatage for someone using Classic,

> Why IBConsole starts from contact
> with Services API - most other tools do it when
> needed only?

I'm involved in development of IBConsole since it has
become Open Source, but I think I can say why it
happenned. Interbase moved to more advanced
architecture and Classic was to be abandoned. On
Windows platform Superserver is the only choice since
5.5 if I'm not mistaken. Linux wasn't considered
important database platform in those days, so Linux
port of Interbase wasn't stable enough and that is why
Classic has been "temporarily" left as an alternative.
IBConsole was indended to give access to features
available through new, unified API, Services API. As
you know things haven't exactly worked out as planned.
It's possible to modify IBConsole to work with Classic
(it uses Services API to log on to a server) and it is
under consideration, the question is if it worth it.
If Superserver is really superior architecture,
Classic will deteriorate, besides some features are
available only through Services API and that's the
advantage Interbase has over other SQL servers thst
everythings can be done programatically.
How superiour Superserver actually is and how stable
comparing to Classic I dare not to speculate,

> tool (IBExpert is free too, but for Russians only
> :)).
Nay, it's certainly has nothing to do with
discrimination of any kind

Best regards.

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