Subject Re: FIRST/TOP/LIMIT/ROWNUM - Proposals
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
> Fred Toussi wrote:
> >It seems the only use of FIRST n or TOP n is in interactive queries
> >during development. You want to see quickly if your query returns
any rows
> >at all, or examine the formatting of returned columns.

--- Syarzhuk Kazachenka
> 2) Suppose I want to see my 10 best sales agents:
> SELECT FIRST 10 LastName FROM SalesAgents ORDER BY YearlySales DESC
> >One could make use of ROWNUM as described above to issue one query
> >return the first row of each page that would be returned in chunks.
> Yes, but this way you would be putting more logic in the application
> less in SQL. With the LIMIT you could just request a page at a time

Guys, if it is'nt relevant to very specific class of applications,
it's alike on shooting yardbird with a cannon. Modern connectivity
components fetches after being open only rows needed to fill visible
part of the grid and only 1 row if are not connected to it. And
without any superfluos load on server.

Best regards.