Subject Re: [IBDI] IBConsole
Author Krzysztof Golko
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Comparing to commercial tools like IBExpert
functionality of IBConsole is limited, there are also
promissing initiatives to create a free tool, I'm
afraid enthusiastic opinions about WI_SQL are slightly

IBConsole doesn't work with Classic, it' a definite
disadvatage for someone using Classic, but for
SuperServer users? Actually the purpose of IBConsole
is to provide access to features available through
Service API

IBConsole is currently the only tool available for
Linux, sometimes it's not possible, impractical or
inconvenient to use Windows, or if someone doesn't
want to use Win for whatever reason, he's FREE to do


--- John Culleton <service@...> wrote:
> Helen Borrie wrote:
> >
> >
> > Even better, if you have a Windows machine you can
> use as a client, just go to and
> pick up the free IB_WISQL tool and then you won't
> even need IBConsole.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Helen
> >
> >
> No second machine. And if I want to reboot in
> Windoze I can then just
> use Delphi and be done with it. But thanks for the
> suggestion.
> John C.
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