Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: Internet
Author Peter Morris
My problem is this.
By default ANY user can access meta-data and create new tables in *my*
database, just because they have a database on the same server.
This is not good !
> Sorry for bothering you, maybe I don't understand your specific, but
> only users registered in ISC4 can access databases on this server. So,
> you can control their rights on modifications in system tables, for
> example, like Dalton Calford described in this thread. And you can
> prevent access of particular user to particular database too making
> grant select on rdb$relations to this_user
> revoke select on rdb$relations from this_user
> within this database. What about extracting meta-data by registered
> user that can access database - I don't know how to prevent it. The
> only way I know is don't allow direct access to database, via some
> middleware only.

Middleware option is no good, I am talking about ISPs