Subject RE: [IBDI] Firebird 1
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Paulo Gaspar [mailto:Paulo.Gaspar@...]
> Sent: Martes 5 de Junio de 2001 10:49
> It is funny that you _seem_ to say that an SQL database is not the
> right tool to query data - what is the meaning of SQL then?

SQL does declarative queries. By nature, it understands rowsets, not record
numbers. It was made non-procedural and this is a good and bad thing,
depending on the task you need to accomplish.

> I want to use Firebird for Internet work... but what I am getting is
> a lot of people saying that Firebird does not want to be an Internet
> database. (Man, the Internet is really out of hype this days!)

A hype is a hype. Period. The net is useful, but ask those companies that
no longer exist and that were born with and for the hype. The issue is not
hype, but what thing really useful you can do.
The engine is basically a query processor with some proprietary languages,
adapted over time to process SQL. It's not an applet with a PREV and NEXT
buttons. While nobody would object that the thing needs enhancements and can
be adapted to the Internet requirements, it shouldn't be an excuse for the
laziest programmer wanting to write the dumbest, crappiest web application
for the biggest money in the shortest time. Good applications take effort
and thinking. You always have to put something intelligent from yourself.
Any web app can keep a minimal state, unless you are really ultra lazy to
program it.