Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: Internet
Author Jason Wharton
ASTA is great but you still have InterBase sitting on the server open to the

InterBase/Firebird's security issues are totally independent of things like
ASTA. ASTA is just another item with its own security issues and
opportunities for exploits. If the box your DB's are on isn't visible to the
outside world ASTA can be a means to surface that data. But, an ISP doesn't
want to have to do all the work required to deploy people's GDB files on a
machine they the customer cannot themselves access. Money is only made on
the Internet when things are hands-off.

IB/FB simply needs to be made Internet safe, whether I contribute to the
collection fund or not. Until then it cannot be considered a feasible ISP
provided service, IMHO. I think fixing this ought to weigh pretty heavy in
the priority scheme of Firebird developers...

For me, it seems like it should be pretty darn simple to spit out a binary
that won't do things like create table or any metadata. Create databases,
load UDF's, etc. But, I'm not a DB internals guru.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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> At 08:02 AM 06/05/01, you wrote:
> >I have been pestering Ann Harrison to custom build me one of these. I
> >there would be a great market for an "Internet capable" version of
> >ISP's ought to be clamoring for it! But, you are certainly right that so
> >you would have to be crazy to open your InterBase port 3050 to the world
> >wide web.
> >
> >It shouldn't take all that much to tighten things up here. I anxiously
> >this coming to pass.
> ASTA. I just love it.
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