Subject Re: Internet
--- In IBDI@y..., "Peter Morris" <pmorris@m...> wrote:
> I am not talking about internet applications, I am talking about web
> hosted by ISPs. It would be nice to talk ISPs into using IB /
Firebird to
> allow me to use it on my sites, but how could I ever suggest that
> install a database that doesn't stop people extracting meta-data and
> new tables ? I don't think I could (in fact, I wouldn't even

Sorry for bothering you, maybe I don't understand your specific, but
only users registered in ISC4 can access databases on this server. So,
you can control their rights on modifications in system tables, for
example, like Dalton Calford described in this thread. And you can
prevent access of particular user to particular database too making

grant select on rdb$relations to this_user
revoke select on rdb$relations from this_user

within this database. What about extracting meta-data by registered
user that can access database - I don't know how to prevent it. The
only way I know is don't allow direct access to database, via some
middleware only.