Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: Internet
Author Jason Wharton
I have been pestering Ann Harrison to custom build me one of these. I think
there would be a great market for an "Internet capable" version of Firebird.
ISP's ought to be clamoring for it! But, you are certainly right that so far
you would have to be crazy to open your InterBase port 3050 to the world
wide web.

It shouldn't take all that much to tighten things up here. I anxiously await
this coming to pass.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBDI] Re: Internet

> > I'm not web programmer and don't know technique they use, but if I
> > need high security, I place database where users have'nt file access,
> > make DCOM application server placed in such directory too and work
> > with database via 3-tier. Users don't know where database is, don't
> > know it's name and don't know even own password on SQL server -
> > appserver perform connects to database, thin client connects to
> > appserver using application password. Last can be placed in database
> > and retrived by appserver via additional connection.
> I am not talking about internet applications, I am talking about web sites
> hosted by ISPs. It would be nice to talk ISPs into using IB / Firebird to
> allow me to use it on my sites, but how could I ever suggest that they
> install a database that doesn't stop people extracting meta-data and
> new tables ? I don't think I could (in fact, I wouldn't even bother).
> Pete