Subject RE: [IBDI] Subsets
Author Paulo Gaspar
And what mechanism do you suggest for a generic and efficient "bookmark"?

(Keep in mind that there are cases involving SELECT's joining several
tables with several alternative sort orders and a under defined filter

If there is a way of doing such thing, maybe it helps.

Thanks and have fun,
Paulo Gaspar

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> > Missing a record because someone deleted one while you was reading the
> page
> > isn't a big deal.
> Oh my, I hope none of your customers or bosses gets wind of this
> comment...
> The only plausible way to do this is actually the only accurate way to do
> this.
> It is simple, keep the "bookmark" information at the tail ends of the
> dataset you are presenting. If they say give me the next 20 rows the
> database will take the bookmark data and walk 20 more rows from
> there. This
> amounts to a little bit of "state" being embedded in your HTML
> but it works
> just fine to do it that way.
> The way I am suggesting it to be done gives the benefit of it being an
> efficient operation for the server to perform and it delivers accurate
> results to the client every time.
> What more can you ask for?
> Jason Wharton
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