Subject RE: [IBDI] Firebird 1
Author Paulo Gaspar
That only works for the REALLY SIMPLE situations, which (unfortunatelly)
are not my main problem.

My previous post makes clear what my problem is.

Paulo Gaspar

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> I am coming to this discussion a bit late. Just joined the list today.
> So if my understanding is not 100% please make allowances.
> If records have an arbitrary key field then
> they can of course be selected based on
> thet key as:
> "select * from footable where keyfield > 100 and keyfield
> < 112" order by keyfield;
> My SQl may not be exact (it's been a year or two) but you
> get the idea. Now this is a list selected based on the record keyfield.
> If the list needed to be selected/ordered on some other factors
> it should be possible to create a pointer table based on that other set
> of fields and assign that table an arbitrary key. Then there is a
> select/subselect statement that would (a) select the appropriate
> pointer table fields (b) chop the list down to the desired subset and
> (c) retrieve the matching records from the original table. A clever
> programmer could even do this dynamically and then delete the pointer
> table after the query. In other words there is always a way to skin the
> cat.
> No doubt this is easier in Oracle. Care to pay their prices? Not me.
> Anyhow, hi neighbors. I need to get back into Interbase and find out
> what is new. Waiting impatiently for the open source version of Kylix.
> John Culleton