Subject Re: Delayed updates to databases (Urgent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
--- In IBDI@y..., jolague@g... wrote:
> Hi, since last thursday (may 31th) we've been having troubles with
> InterBase database.
> The database was working fine over the last two years but unexpectly
> the updates made over their tables wasn't reflected at real-time
> (about 30 secs after), since then, we are having integrity crashes
> caused, we suppose, for these timed-out updates to the database.
> Some of the messages that we get are 'Deadlock was detected', 'Can't
> continue after bugcheck' and 'Pointer page vanished from mark_full'.
> We appreciate any comment or idea that help us to correct the

Hi, Jesus. Usually regular operations failed due to database
corruption, not vice versa. First thought - your database size
had overgrown limit for single file - 2Gb for most OS and IB versions.
Just now can recommend only standard way of repairing with gfix and
gbak. Don't forget make copy before any such actions. For future -
avoid any actions that can lead to corruption. Useful link about
repair: (and Operations
Guide, of course). Ask more if need.