Subject Re: IBConsole
Hi, John.

--- In IBDI@y..., John Culleton <service@w...> wrote:
> Two people have mentioned Jeff Overcash's port of IBConsole to
Linux. I
> have two questions:
> 1. Is this a generalized data manipulation tool? Can I update data
in a
> database using IBConsole?

I've not seen IBconsole for Linux yet, but if it's order of
connection to Services API firstly and to databases only after it was
not changed, it's useless for Classic servers on Linux. IBConsole
is not the only IB data manipulation tool, I use IBExpert and I'm
satisfied with it's debugger for stored procedures (
You can look at IBWorkbench too (sorry, I can't remember link). But
all such tools I know are tools used on W... client to connect to any
platform server, native Lunux I know is command-line utility isql.

> 2. How does one go about getting it? CodeCentral at Borland refuses
> connection and SourceForge has only minimal information at this

I'm quotting Jeff's message in interbaseexpress NG on borland:

"There is a problem when John Kaster put up a new version with the new
format. Unfortunately John is in Australia and won't be back until
next week
sometime so this means CodeCentral will probably be down more than up
over the
next 10 days or so until he gets back and we can track down what has
gone wrong."

Best regards.