Subject Re: Internet
--- In IBDI@y..., "Peter Morris" <pmorris@m...> wrote:
> It may be obvious by this point that I intend to use Firebird to
serve data
> on a website.
> If this were on an ISP the database would have to be accessible from
> so that people could maintain their databases. Unfortunately only
> data is protected by roles etc, anyone may look at each other's
> and take a copy of triggers etc etc (I presume add tables too ?).
> Is there a way to stop this ? If not, is there a plan to implement
a way to
> stop this ?
> Pete

Hi once more. After you are shure in your SP/triggers, you can set
text to ' ' directly in system tables - IB have compiled code. But
there are some problems around it, if I remember right, triggers with
name starting with CHECK_ are called twice after text hiding. Other
information in system tables is used at every statement execution and
can't be hidden, at least now.

Best regards.