Subject Re: [IBDI] Firebird 1
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 11:14 PM 5/31/2001 +0200, Aage Johansen wrote:

>In a stateless situation, you don't really know what the history was.
>The user might ask for the next "set" of records, the previous one, the
>N'th one, or just quit.

What does "next" mean in a stateless situation?

>Even though it may be'hideously slow' when implemented in the server, few
>programmers will be able to make it any faster writing SPs.

Stored procedures have exactly the same problem as the server solution.

>If the feature
>is implemented we will at least not see the request any more, however there
>might be request for a faster implementation :-)
>(And, it will look good when comparing features)

Perhaps I'm just grumpy this morning, but adding a feature that's likely
to give the impression that the database is a dog either for check marks
on a feature comparison or to end this discussion doesn't do much for me.
Well, maybe ending the discussion ...


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