Subject Re: [IBDI] Firebird 1
Author Peter Morris
>The server should
> not be required to keep hordes of caches around just to spit out small
> slices of datasets efficiently. Nor should it be made to re-execute
> over and over again just to increment through data.
It will be required to do this anyway if a website asks for records X-Y and
then Y-Z on the next run.

> What should be happening is using bookmarks derived from meaningful data
> your table that allows the server to quickly pull records from the next
> segment and then it just brings back rows until you don't want any more.

Sounds interesting. Say I have a table which has only

If I decide to select * from MyTable order by LastName, FirstName
I display the first 10 records, what do you suggest the query should be to
select from that point onwards ? (Considering there may be many many people
with the same first/lastname and DOB).

> When you want more records you somehow say, this is the new starting point
Somehow ? How ? This is the whole point. If you can show me a way to do
this with a single select I would be very happy.

Although I must say 1 more thing. If your select requires me to pass
firstname, lastname, dob from the last record I displayed, this means I
would have to store this in a <form> and pass it back to the server. What
happens when there are 10 or more fields ? Especially if I am using
METHOD=GET ? Very messy !