Subject RE: [IBDI] Another Firebird Logo
Author Pavel Cisar

On 30 Apr 2001, at 10:38, Leyne, Sean wrote:

> Have you considered trying a background which is a gradient from red (at
> the bottom) to yellow (at the top) instead of the solid yellow? This
> could add the "fire" context to the logo (no flames though).

Actually not, but it's an option too. I did it at first as black only
image and yellow was the natural choice for colour improvement :)

About the gradient: I got a lecture some time ago from professional
logo designer, and he told me that two or third "basic" colour
images are best, just because they can be easily printed. Also, the
white background is a standard just because paper is white. Of
course, there're logo's with more than three colours, but if you'll
look at them, they rarely use any gradients or other colour effects. I
know that Markus dig out the Apache, but to any "rainbow" logo,
there is at least one thousand "simple colour" logo's.

Just my 0.02c

-- Pavel Cisar

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