Subject Re: [IBDI] IB in RedHat 7
Author Mark O'Donohue
Eko Subagio wrote:

> Hi ,
> I try to running the IB 6.0.1 SuperServer in Red Hat Linux 7 but , the
> IB cannot start ....
> Anyone can help me to solve this and to run IB in Red Hat Linux 7, i
> followed
> the guide in IBPhoenix, but the same problem still occur the IB cannot
> start.

Hi Eko

This is probably something better pushed into the ib-support newslist,
but try this:

Try running, the ibserver directly, it ownt run but it'll tell you if
your missing any shared libraries.

Check /etc/hosts.eqiv contains 'localhost'

If that fails post a message into ib-support.



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