Subject RE: [IBDI] sapdb sources (from Slashdot)
Author Kaputnik
SapDB is a pretty fast SQL-server with entry-level SQL92 conformance.
it scales pretty well, as several SAP-customers are running R/3 on it, and
this must run under a high-performance 24x7 system.
It scales pretty good on SMP-machines, and if somebody of the
development-team is listening, please look at the code-base to see, how
they've done it.
SapDB has several disadvantages, as it has a pretty bad transaction-model,
but its performance can easily cope with that of oracle 7 and perhaps even
with oracle 8, while it looses to DB/2....
ah, well, it is almost as maintenance-free as interbase.

If somebody wants to take a closer look at it to "learn" from some of its
features, i could easily provide a contact to the development-team of

CU, Kaputnik
(Nick Josipovic)

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> Just FYI,
> Posted by Hemos on Saturday April 28, @08:29AM
> from the making-information dept.
> A reader writes: "SAP has released full source of their sapdb sql database
> system under the GPL. It can be found at
> lop/dev_sources.htm It's
> probably the most complete free database system available right now, with
> much more features than interbase, mysql or postgresql. The codebase seems
> to be rather old and is written in a mix of Pascal and C. It contains
> interfaces to Perl and various languages."
> Cheers
> Adam