Subject Re: Product name
> SQL appears only in MsSQLServer (plus MySQL and Postgress in its
> relational version) and that the other big products have nothing to
> do with those BASE or SQL words: Oracle, Teradata, Informix (now
> dead), Ingres, Jasmine, ObjectStore, Solid, etc. And they live well
> with a name that you don't associate directly with relational
> engines. You would have to read hundred of messages to see that
> long discussion. I tend to agree with that idea: if you take the
> example of MickeySoft, MsSQLServer suggests that it's "the [main]
> SQL engine" but ironically, it's very far from the standard,
> so "SQL" prefix or suffix is of no much conceptual importance.

Hmm yes, that's what Ann said as well.

So I guess the only advantage of FirebirdSQL would be that it matches
the domain.

Actually I like Firebird too. I don't really have a preference any