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Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> > It already has a name.
> Kyle,
> this is not a good argument: "Let's use Firebird, because it has
> always been named like that".

Well, you have Borland International. It was changed to INPRISE because it
means "Integrating the Enterprise" or another term that I might have
forgotten. It was explained that Borland was meaningless and that the origin
is not clear. You can read the other history at, home of
Clarion: Borland was an European company that disappeared around 1980, then
the name was taken by Khan after changing the initial name from MIT (due to
conflict with MIT, the institute). I wasted countless hours trying to
explain people that Borland wasn't acquired by another company. Then they
decided that was better to split the company into INPRISE and BORLAND_COM.
More confussion. As it's not enough, they wanted to merge with Corel and
name the whole mess simply Corel. Finally, they renamed themselves BSC
(Borland SW Corporation). Isn't it a good example? I could assume next year
the name will be changed to Borland Multiplatform 2002. I don't like the
same going back and forth with Firebird. Borland found the hard way that
their second name, even if considered meaningless, was a good point.