Subject RE: [IBDI] Re: Product name
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> Sent: Viernes 27 de Abril de 2001 7:18
> Yes. But Firebird wasn't the name of the product.

Did you dig in IB-Priorities and other forums deep enough to be 100% sure?
Several months ago (maybe a year ago), at least two animals were proposed: a
squirrel and a phoenix. And those names were proposed when people went into
long discussion whether to abandon IB in favor of a new name (hundreds of
emails were posted). For natural reasons, phoenix and firebird were related.
(Some poeple were annoyed with the idea of changing name, but IB name in the
relational db market is poorly known, so we weren't losing anything

> Firebird was the
> name of the development unit of the community.

Since Ann owned the logo at the time ISC didn't happen, she could take it
for IBPhoenix. When I readu you writing "the development unit of the
community", it seems like you have got superior knowledge than us the ones
that are with IB since many years ago. Do you mean the group of developers
that created the firebird tree at SF?

Markus, for the last time: either you push your ideas as suggestions and
make a difference between your beliefs and proven facts or I will start
feeling sincerely that you are wasting bandwith. One thing I dislike from
typical companies is the marketing dept trying to tell you what to think
about that company and what to tell your end-user customers about that
company, too. The last thing we need at firebird is dictatorship. Hence, a
poll would be needed. Only remember that firebird developers (those that
touch the FB's source code) have something to say, too. We don't want to be
like that company that has changed its name three times already. Firebird
has already got some recognition. The core FB team doesn't need to be
marketing-driven; others can do that task; a group of people for each task.

> Therefore Firebird has
> not been used as a brand, a trademark so far.

To my knowledge, Firebird is not registered as a db engine. But you need to
find an important reason to convince people that it should be changed. As I
said, it has gotten some recognition already.

> In any case, since a
> 1.0 build hasn't been released yet, it hasn't been used widely and it
> hasn't been promoted. Also, adding the three letters SQL at the end
> is a minor change, for good reasons, which I mentioned.

Personally, I don't see the point in changing it. Having "firebird" allows
to append any suffix for special related developments. Having "firebirdSQL"
makes this task awkward. Anyway, let people decide... people that want to
use firebird and enhance it, of course. The rest shouldn't be interested in
the issue since they will be using IB probably or they wouldn't be on a
IB/FB forum (except some people that might be really curious).