Subject Re: [IBDI] Product name
Author reed mideke
Pavel Císaø wrote:
> On 26 Apr 2001, at 21:34, markus.soell@... wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > after some reflexion I have come to the conviction that the product
> > should be named FirebirdSql, rather than Firebird.
> FirebirdSql would be kinda better name for database than plain
> Firebird, but:
> Pros:
> - More descriptive name for database
As a counter example for this, what about 'perl' says scripting
language, or 'apache' web server...

The point is, that those involved in the interbase/firebird
open source are aware that there is a group of people working
the code, under a sourceforge project named 'firebird'.

For those who don't yet know about it, they will, or will
not learn about it regardless of what we call it. IMHO,
changing the name:
1) makes us look like the silly marketing driven organization
that we chose to leave behind.
2) makes a number of practical problems, some of Pavel has
pointed out below. (Another is that renaming a project on
sourceforge is probably painful, and creating a new 'firebirdsql'
project and migrating over to wit would certainly be a big hassle.

So to change the name, we would put the people who are actually
doing the work through a bunch of trouble, add a bit more
confusion to any already tangled mess, and our primary benefit
is marketing horseshit.

I think you can see where I stand on this ;-)
As you may have understood from my previous post, I'm not
overly fond of the 'firebird' name as a name for this project,
but given that we have it and people are starting to use
and recognize it, I think that changing now is just pointless.


Reed Mideke (official firebird horsepower nut, less fond of horseshit)
email: rfm(at) -If that fails: rfm(at)