Subject Re: Product name
please just try to stay on track:

1. as I said in my previous post, to which you have just replied, I
have voted on your previous poll and I voted that Firebird is an
excellent name. So how can you say it was approved by 63% _except
Markus_??? I just told you that I had "approved it as well.

However, at the time of that poll, the domain wasn't
registered yet and it's this domain which brought me to the
conclusion that this should actually also be used for the name of the

Therefore conditions have changed since your last poll and it is
worth to at least think about whether this minor change to the name
wouldn't be apropriate.

By the way, I actually think like Paul that polls are not an ideal
way to make decisions. But maybe it's ok here?

In any case, I would ask you to accompany the poll with a resume of
the arguments, both pro and contra, presented so far, so there'll be
a better chance that people think before they vote.


--- In IBDI@y..., "Pavel Císaø" <pcisar@a...> wrote:
> All,
> On 27 Apr 2001, at 12:41, markus.soell@b... wrote:
> > However I now raised a different, much more precise question:
> > is better, Firebird or FirebirdSQL, given the arguments pro...
> > contra... ?
> >
> > How about a new poll about this question?
> I'll set up a poll with choices
> 1) Firebird
> 2) FirebirdSQL
> *IF* I would get at least 3 voices to do so over nay sayers,
> I'm not completely convinced that's necessary to make that poll (I
> guess that those who would prefer FirebirdSQL doesn't voted for
> Firebird at current poll, and Firebird was approved by 63.11%. Yes,
> except Markus :)
> You can send your opinion about new poll till sunday to my
> address (pcisar@a...)
> Best regards
> -- Pavel