Subject Re: Product name
> Markus, you are not listening enough. The comment above is about
> your word choices, NOT about your ideas. You, however, responded
> as though the comment was intended to prevent you from speaking at
> all.

> What I read in the above comment to you is that you are presenting
> your ideas in a more forceful manner than necessary. That is
> starting to irritate people.

Hmm, word choices are a subtle thing. Maybe I present my opinions a
little absolute? Well, I think the fact that it's "just my 2 cts"
(interesting expression I had never heared before), that should go by
itself, how could it be different?

If I say: "Hey, I think we should do this, because of that reason"

It should be clear for all that this is just my opinion and that I
want to suggest it.

Ok, one can reword the same thing, to be more "social" as you might
call it:

So I would say: "Hey, I've bin thinking about this, and was hesiting
about whether it might eventually be a good idea, well, not sure,
just my opinion..."

Ok, I agree, that way noone will feel aggressed. But does it have the
same value? The objective of participation in a group like this must
be more than just to present opinions. Opinions are to be defended
and arguments exchanged, in order to end up with something like a
decision. And you won't see me insisting over measure on any single
topic. If I see that general opinion is different from mine, I can
very well accept that, no problem.

I have the impression your usual "being nice" approach doesn't allow
to bring the discussion to a conclusion. You just exchange opinions
and in the end someone does what he personally likes best. There is
an eminent lack of coordination and decisions are "made" on a "let's
wait and see what happens" basis. I'm not sure if that is in the best
interest of all.

Well ok, I see what you mean, basically, and will try to be more
moderate in my propositions, ok?

In any case I actually don't have the time to stay in here, it's just
that I'd be very happy if I could see the whole venture move in what
I believe is the right direction. Well, things look quite good

Maybe it's also the moment which explains my probably unusual pace:
You will soon make your major release and I believe that changes to
many very important things like name, brand usage, clarifying
structures, are still possible now but will be much more difficoult
in a short moment.

> If you continue to be insensitive to other people's responses
> you will lose favor in this community and thereby lose what
> influence you have.

Whether I am intense to someone's response or not usually depends on
the quality of that response (at least I do my best to have it that

> Right now you have influence simply by having the energy to pursue
> issues. That will not last long unless you can find a better way
> to productively meld your ideas with those of others.

Again, thanks for the remark and I'll try my best to be more peaceful.