Subject RE: [IBDI] Re: Product name
Author Phil Shrimpton

Personally over the last year I have had the following conversations with my

- Interbase is our choice of Database
- Interbase has been Scrapped
- Interbase is now open source
- Interbase is now commercial again
- We are not using Interbase, we are using Firebird

I really don't want have to have a "Firebird is not Firebird anymore its
xxx", or I might not have a job left <g>

Firebird is a good name, it has recognition, and that recognition is
growing. Personally, I think the 'core' product should remain Firebird. It
will also allow connotations in the future as Firebird grows and additional
variants are developed (e.g. FirebirdXML, FirebirdSOAP, FirebirdTCL,
FirebirdJava, Firebird.Net <g>).