Subject Re: Product name
> Having worked for several companies (or maybe it was actually
> one company, I lost track) that renamed themselves a number of
> without good reason, I say pick a name and stick with it.
> I LIKE old muscle cars, so firebird is just fine with me...
> though I would like 'Spitfire' better
> (see
> Much smaller footprint than a firebird.
> FirebirdSQL ? Is that a firebird doing a burnout ? Like this ?
> ;-)
> What about FirebirdGDML ? Maybe Ann would like that better ;-)

What you say is very true, changing product and company names is a
big problem and should be avoided whenever possible.

But Firebird hasn't really been released to public yet and hasn't
been promoted under any name so far, so this isn't really about a
change, it's rather a matter of choosing the right name at the