Subject Re: [IBDI] website
Author Pavel Cisar

Your ideas and suggestions are very interesting and I'll take them
in consideration for future improvements. But because I'm the only
one person who spent time on Firebird web site, is as good as is.
I'm doing and will do my best to keep it going and to improve it, but
I have only two hands and I also must bring food to the table (don't
mention my other projects. BTW Helen is also very active in JEDI
Project and I often wonder how she can cope with all that. I would
like to know her secret recipe :). I have a long to-do list regarding
our web site, but forgive me, the needs of developers have greater
priority over marketing. I'll appreciate any suggestions, but I'll rather
appreciate a helping hand. That is also the reason I appreciate your
work on Firebird logo. We're got a lot of suggestions about it, but
your images are first real thing regarding this we're got.

Keep smiling
-- Pavel Cisar

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