Subject Re: Dear Helen...
Author Lester Caine

There are lots of words here, and some good ideas, but I
will continue to back Jason, Helen and the others who are
putting in their time and more important, money.

Firebird distribution will be available via a number of
routes, currently along side Interbase. Some of us have paid
good money for IB5.6 licences and would continue to support
Interbase, even while the Firebird build is avaialable. We
are all reliant on Borland for the development tools and so
IBDI quite rightly supports all versions of Interbase,
licenced or free.

If you want to set up support on the basis of ignoring
Borland, then I think you will find problems from some of us
who have being involved for a long time. Borland may ignore
us, but I for one will not drop to that level. Firebird is
my choice for new work, but old systems will only change
when I need to. I may not like the way Borland do business (
I hate Microsoft even more ), but I still have to work with

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services

( This was writen before Jason's post, but have had to re-enter
on-line because UK eMail is out AGAIN )