Subject Re: [IBDI] Problems connecting
Author Pavel Císaø
Hi Jeff,

On 24 Apr 2001, at 12:32, Jeff Dodds wrote:

> Sorry to post here, but I couldn't get to your email on the
> webspace. I've been having trouble connecting to the php site
> with Internet Explorer 5.5 The
> is super-slow. I get the titlebar and the pinstrip background fairly
> quickly, then to logo takes forever. If I click 'stop' the main
> area pops up but all else is broken. I've been having this problem
> about a week. When I connect with Netscape 4.7 for linux
everything works
> fine, but my email is set up in Outlook :(

Yep, I experienced this problem occasionally too. But simple page
refresh after a few seconds/minutes always helps. It's obvious that
MySQL server provided by SF for project is sometimes overloaded
and dogslow or (dead)locked. I guess that MySQL server is shared
among all projects that requested database services, so it's
vulnerable to peak overloading.

P.S. I use IE 5.01 or Konqueror with good results at Firebird site
everyday. Keep me informed if that problems persist, I'll complain
at source forge staff.

Best regards
-- Pavel

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