Subject Re: Logo with bird looking to right?
Hi Pavel,

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> Well, do you have the logo in more editor-friendly format ? i.e.
> vector or .mic or whatever ? I'd like to make few experiments with
> regards
> -- Pavel Cisar

The reply to this question I've already given in one of my replies to
the poll on the Firebird site:

Actually, I've done it in Photoshop and I had created a vector
definition (trace?) when I made the logo. Only, unfortunately, I
failed to properly save that script to draw the outline of the logo,
so the vector definition is lost :(

So my graphics aren't very well editable anymore, unfortunately.
However, taking the black version as a point of depart it's pretty
easy to retrace the outline and this way get the vector definition
again. I suggested (in that reply to the poll also) that I could do
this later, to improve the beauty of the bird's head. I would like it
to be exactly like the IBPhoenix logo bird, especially the head
feather could be improved in mine I think.

However that'd be minor cosmetic changes I offered to do anywhen in
the future if the logo should be used.

So, you see, basically what I could give you is a .psd, but it's a
pixel graphic, no vector.

But to be honest, the idea of someone "experimenting" with it is very
scaring to me. Ok, I guess I shouldn't be selfish here... let me know
if the .psd would be of any help and I'll email it to you. But don't
transform it into an ellipse! ;)

What about the website colour? Can we switch to yellow, yes?

Best Regards