Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: Firebird Logo Suggestion
It doesn't really matter if they _say_ it is ok or not. They won't
legally bind themselves, and they can still sue somebody the next
day. I think a number of people on these lists have already received
direct and threatening communication from Borlands lawyers.

In other words, I wouldn't trust them whatever they said :)

only my $.02


On 17 Apr 2001, at 9:21, Jeff Dodds wrote:

> > That could be true. Borland would, of course, have to weigh up the damage
> > to its
> > reputation and standing with the open source community, which it is trying
> > to woo.
> Why doesn't somebody just ask Borland what they will allow to be said
> without getting upset. If they say no mention of InterBase, problem solved.
> If they say nothing, problem solved since we must assume no mention is
> allowed. If they say, sure go ahead, problem solved...
> Just say the word and I'll ask them if you like. I have no previous
> relationship with Borland and will probably never have one.
> Jeff
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