Subject Re: [IBDI] The "InterBase" name
Author Ded
"Leyne, Sean" wrote:

> Robert,
> I would ask, does the underlying database to your product or any product
> really matter to your clients/end-users?
> If not, why even mention it.
> We never did, and it didn't matter to anybody.

Hi, Sean. Not so simple. If you and your client stay in the center of
desert, maybe. But every developer have competitors that says: "Hey, our
solution is powered by respectable database but he offers unknown entirely
self-made article". In most cases any name is enough if this name was heared
by client even if from one more man.

Best regards.

P.S. Have a funny thought: if we shall say "RDMS based on SQL, like Oracle",
will Oracle be grateful for advertising?