Subject RE: [IBDI] The "InterBase" name
Author Leyne, Sean

I would ask, does the underlying database to your product or any product
really matter to your clients/end-users?

If not, why even mention it.

We never did, and it didn't matter to anybody.

Our clients expected us to provide a complete no-maintenance solution.
To that end, we could have used paradox table, it wouldn't have
mattered. By the way, our software was used to schedule television
stations, so the reliability was key!


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Subject: [IBDI] The "InterBase" name

Hi There:

Wrong Group? Who knows.

All this debating in the NG's regarding the name Interbase is really a
bummer. Is
anything being done with Borland regarding this issue?

Trying to distribute an application using "UnknownBase" is not going
to fly.



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