Subject RE: [IBDI] Refreshing, transactions, and Delphi db controls
Author Leyne, Sean
Unfortunately, this message is both too Delphi and too technical support
for this list.

Please post all support questions to the IB-Support list at Yahoogroups,
this is not a technical support list.


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> Subject: [IBDI] Refreshing, transactions, and Delphi db controls
> I don't know if I've missed something but it seems very unsatisfying
> the way vcl db controls act when we commit a transaction. I mean even
> if when I enable cached updates. It seems that they don't show
> anything when the transaction is not active. So do we have to keep
> it "inTransaction" most of the time?
> Something else, it seems like doing commitretainning don't help other
> users to see changes one of them have done!!
> I hope this question is not too much Delphi for this list.
> Thanks for any help
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