Subject RE: [IBDI] ANN: Gemini ODBC v.1.1
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
When you wrote:
INT64 columns were reported as SQL_BIGINT. This is correct behavior,
however, MS ODBC DM doesn't allow application to use SQL_BIGINT type working
with ODBC 2.x drivers. Now such columns are reported as SQL_DOUBLE;

Does this mean that the driver won't report INT64 any more or that there's
an ODBC 3.X specification where you continue reporting INT64 as SQL_BIGINT,
so the type reported will depend ultimately on the ODBC level asked by cthe
lient app? I don't follow the ODBC versions and specifications, so I'm


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> From: Aleksey Karyakin [mailto:karyakin@...]
> Sent: Martes 27 de Febrero de 2001 6:40
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> Subject: [IBDI] ANN: Gemini ODBC v.1.1
> Hello,
> New version 1.1 of Gemini Interbase ODBC Driver is available at
> This build will fix several minor bugs and incompatibility issues with
> Access and Crystal Reports. For full list of changes see link above.
> Installing evaluation version 1.1 over any previous version (up
> to 1.0) will
> extend evaluation period for next 30 days from the first installation of
> 1.1.
> Regards,
> Aleksey Karyakin
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