Subject RE: [IBDI] Re: DEFAULT Values
Author Dmitry Yemanov
Hi Jason,

> Perhaps you are confused about how it works. DEFAULT isn't
> applied unless
> the column is actually omitted from the INSERT statements
> list of columns.
> If the column is included and it is given a value of NULL,
> then that is what
> goes to the database.

I do know how it works and when DEFAULT values are used. But I was really
confused about some details, especially about columns based on dummy
domains. Thanks to Ann, she explained the issue. I'm sorry, if I couldn't
make my question clear for you and other people.

> PS. This isn't a technical support forum. Please continue
> this discussion on
> the IB-Support list here at Yahoo.

I wasn't entirely convinced that my question is a 100% support one, so I've
preferred to ask it here. But thanks anyway, next time I'll think twice.